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Gold Coast Electrolysis Lindy has 30 years experience in Gold Coast Electrolysis and Permanent Hair Removal.  She operates from her friendly home based clinic in Banora Point, on the Qld / NSW border, providing a peaceful, confidential environment for your Gold Coast Electrolysis treatment.  To set up an appointment, please ring Lindy on (07) 5523 1328 or 0408 831 328 – Please leave a message if she is busy with a client and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Almost all of us – men and women – have some unwanted body hair. While it is just a nuisance to some, for other it is an embarrassment we can live without.  For women, we cover Face, Legs, Under Arm, Bikini Line,  etc.  For the guys we cover especially the eyebrows, chest, back, ears and nose.  Electrolysis is the only method for permanent hair removal.

We use Sterex individual disposable needles, which are opened in front of you, so that you can be assured of a hygenic approach: every client has their own, unopened, sterile needles. Our modern Sterex Electrolysis machine ensures a gentle, comfortable, effective solution for you.  While some people experience a slight warming sensation, others experience minimal discomfort and some clients even sleep through treatment!

Gold Coast Electrolysis Machine for Permanent Hair RemovalTreatment is tailored to your specific needs and covers all parts of the body, plus we can space treatments to suit you if required.  A mild electric current is applied via the very fine Sterex disposable needle directly into each individual hair follicle, destroying the root – thus resulting in Permanent Hair Removal.  Because each  individual hair follicle is destroyed one by one, more than one session is usually required.  However, Electrolysis gives the best overall results for Permanent Hair Removal, compared with any other method, simply because it targets every single individual hair follicle.  And if you think several sessions is too time consuming, just add up the time you spend every year with waxes, creams, razors etc – Do it once.  Permanently!

Gold Coast Electrolysis Studio - Permanent Hair Reduction by LindyOur initial free consultation provides time for you to outline your needs, and for us to suggest solutions that will fix your problem.  You will be given ample time to ask questions about how our Gold Coast Electrolysis service works, giving you peace of mind before treatment begins. Your free consultation comes without any obligation on your part; we want you to be comfortable and at peace with the process before treatment commences.

While we think we provide the best Gold Coast Electrolysis service, our prices are very reasonable.  Before booking elsewhere, please ring us for a free, no obligation, quote – you will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable we are.  Also, there are electrologists and there are electrologists – with over 30 years experience Lindy is the kind of electrologist you want to be working with. Lindy has also been featured in HairTell.

Electrolysis  or Laser Treatment?  Electrolysis is suitable for everyone, regardless of skin or hair color, simply because it directly targets the hair follicle itself; Laser treatment is not suitable for everyone – ring me now on (07) 5523 1328 or 0408 831 328 and I can give you advice that is personal to you.  In addition, our Gold Coast Electrolysis service is significantly cheaper than laser treatments.

Please note that this a Bookings Only service.  If you turn up on the doorstep and I am already working with a client, I obviously cannot help you – please ring (07) 5523 1328 or 0408 831 328 to make a booking.  Thank you.

Need to know more?  Web MD is one of the most respected medical websites online and give great free info on electrolysis here – please click the link.

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Lindy will give you directions to her home based clinic when you make your appointment. Please note that you must make an appointment; if Lindy is working with a client she obviously can not treat you at the same time.

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